A.Healdsburg Collaborates closely with the artists of Sonoma County to create wearable masterpieces, allowing the vivid imagery from the artists' canvas to leap into the world of fashion. Each piece of art is individually selected because it represents iconic imagery of Sonoma and is paired with only the finest materials to create the truly unique and beautiful product. A.Healdsburg allows you to always look memorable, while fondly remembering the spirit and beauty of wine country.

A.Healdsburg is proudly introducing a new artist who recently joined our team. Marsha Connell is an artist, a dancer, and a mother. As a Northern California contemporary colorist, Marsha paints landscapes en plein air, responding directly to the spirit of a place. We especially picked out a portfolio she created as an Artist in Residence of Pepperwood Preserve. Pepperwood preserve is located near Calistoga. Its hills and oak woodlands rise up to 1560 feet, a wonderful viewpoint for seeing layers of the Mayacamas Range and Mount St. Helena, and the fog that rolls in from the coast. We experimentally used a sheering chiffon silk to recreate the art in fabric and are very pleased with the outcome.